Associate Members of the Cyber Security Centre

Associate Members are affiliated with institutions outside the University of Hertfordshire.

Dr Nathan Briant
Assistant Chief Constable, Hertfordshire Constabulary‚Äč

Professor Bruce Christianson
Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, retired in 2018.
Cryptographic protocols
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Professor William Clocksin
Professor William Clocksin has been the initiator of the Cyber Security Centre, retired in 2020.

Phil Cobley
Sergeant in Regional Cyber Crime Unit within ERSOU. Digital forensics, cyber security and network investigations practitioner. Development and education in mitigation opportunities against cyber threats, and the human element of cyber security culture

Dr Robert Gurney
Robert Gurney is the Secretary of the National Police Chiefs' Council "ANPR Countermeasures Group" and has been instrumental in research and development of ANPR technology since 2001. Dr Gurney has conducted academic research into ANPR Technology and motor vehicle number plate properties on behalf of the British Police Service and the Home Office over many years. More recently his work has centred on the security of ANPR data, constructive properties of UK number plates and ANPR camera settings. Dr Gurney has received international recognition as an Author of academic papers and a journal paper covering these subjects. In addition to his ANPR Countermeasures role, Dr Gurney is the national President of the Disabled Police Association and acts as Police Adviser to the Royal Humane Society.

Edina Harbinja
Hertfordshire Law School, University of Hertfordshire. Internet law and policy, telecommunications law and policy, intellectual property, privacy and data protection, legal aspects of information security, electronic commerce

Professor Andrew Jones
Professor Andrew Jones has served as the Director of the Cyber Security Centre till his retirement in 2019.

Stephen McPartland, MP Member of Parliament for Stevenage