Members of the Cyber Security Centre

Members are affiliated to the School of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire unless otherwise noted.

Dr Raimund Kirner
Director of Cyber Security Center

Security of cyber-physical systems, critical infrastructures, dependable systems design and analysis
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Chris Treglohan
Commercial Lead of the Cyber Security Center
Digital forensics

Dr Stilianos Vidalis
Head of Training of the Cyber Security Center

Cyber operations, digital forensics, threat assessment, cyber-criminal profiling, and effective computer defence mechanisms
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Dr Olga Angelopoulou
Digital forensics, identity theft and online fraud, information security
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Professor William Clocksin Pattern recognition in large data sets for applications in cyber security
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Neil Geach
Barrister, Hertfordshire Law School, University of Hertfordshire.  Courtroom procedure. Tort, property law, advocacy, telecommunications and e-commerce law
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Dr Catherine Menon
Safety and security, critical infrastructure, risk assessment and defence
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Azita Pourghasem
Networking, cybersecurity

Dr. Deepthi Ratnayake
Intrusion detection & prevention, network and cloud security, application of neural networks for pattern recognition and genetic algorithms to optimise parameters, topology and rules of networks, security in humanoids, cyber security skills development and assessmen
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Kufreh Sampson
Operating systems, networking, secure infrastructure

Professor Alex Shafarenko
Memory-bound security protocols and engineering solution from algorithms down to hardware solutions
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Dr Joe Spring
Distributed and network secure systems modelling, risk, intrusion detection, cybercrime, cyberwarfare, quantum systems, cryptology
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Dr Athanasios Tsokanos Network architectures and protocols, optical networks, traffic modelling, network security
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Dr. Joseph Williams
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), internet intelligence and investigations, usability for law enforcement users

Dr Hannan Xiao
Wireless communication security
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Chloe Zhuge
Pattern recognition and machine learning applied to cyber security, network technology

Dr Alexios Mylonas
IoT security, incident response and web security and fraud detection
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