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  • Esha Sheth

    Esha Sheth

    Meet Esha. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired her to learn more about dangerous microorganisms and she is now looking to do a PhD.

  • Ramona Hirschfield

    Ramona Hirschfield

    Meet Ramona. Ramona’s passion for science brought her to Herts, where she is planning to continue her research as a PhD student.

  • Jamee Ahmed

    Jamee Ahmed

    Meet Jamee, a regulatory scientist who enjoys volunteering in his spare time.

  • Chika Madubuko

    Chika Madubuko

    Meet Chika Madubuko, who has used her business knowledge to help others. She is currently the CEO of Greymate Care, Africa's pioneer AI-Powered, Multi-million dollar on-demand home-care platform that connects the elderly to a vetted caregiver.