Graduate Attributes

The University is committed to providing a culturally enriched and research-informed educational experience that will transform the lives of its students. Its aspiration for its graduates is that they will have developed the knowledge, skills and attributes to equip them for life in a complex and rapidly changing world.

In addition to their subject expertise and proficiency, the University’s graduates will have the following attributes:

Professionalism, employability and enterprise

The University promotes professional integrity and provides opportunities to develop the skills of communication, independent and team working, problem solving, creativity, digital literacy, numeracy and self-management. Our graduates will be confident, act with integrity, set themselves high standards and have skills that are essential to their future lives.

Learning and research skills

The University fosters intellectual curiosity and provides opportunities to develop effective learning and research abilities. Our graduates will be equipped to seek knowledge and to continue learning throughout their lives.

Intellectual depth, breadth and adaptability

The University encourages engagement in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities that deepen and broaden knowledge and develop powers of analysis, application, synthesis, evaluation and criticality. Our graduates will be able to consider multiple perspectives as they apply intellectual rigour and innovative thinking to the practical and theoretical challenges they face.

Respect for others

The University promotes self-awareness, empathy, cultural awareness and mutual respect. Our graduates will have respect for themselves and others and will be courteous, inclusive and able to work in a wide range of cultural settings.

Social responsibility

The University promotes the values of ethical behaviour, sustainability and personal contribution. Our graduates will understand how their actions can enhance the wellbeing of others and will be equipped to make a valuable contribution to society.

Global awareness

The University fosters discussion of complex and evolving world issues. Our graduates will be confident to act effectively in settings where language and culture are not familiar to them and will have an understanding of international traditions and practices both within, and beyond, their discipline.

Graduate Attributes

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