Postgraduate Luke Wood

MSc Artificial Intelligence with Robotics - I have found the University of Hertfordshire to be an inspirational place for gaining knowledge and developing new useful skills. At the University there is a really nice atmosphere with friendly approachable tutors that are very enthusiastic about their areas and present there subjects in interesting and exciting ways.

Luke Wood

I have enjoyed my time at the University of Hertfordshire and have learned a great deal, working as an individual or as part of a team.

One of my main reasons for choosing the University was for its strengths of the IT department, the up to date facilities, wide range of modules available in my area of interest.

While I have been at the University the facilities have always up to date with latest technology, which is particularly important in my area of study.

Facilities such as studynet are particularly useful with the ability to submit many pieces of course work from home over the net.

I look forward to many more years at the University of Hertfordshire, and I'm interested in research and development in the area of Robotics and AI at the university, and hopefully also look forward to tutoring students in the future.

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