History at Hertfordshire means exploring everything from war and witchcraft to propaganda and popular protest. It’s a fascinating journey examining the impact of world-changing events on people’s everyday lives. Together, we’ll delve into faith, freedom, migration and identity, discovering how the modern world was made.

You can study History as a single honours or as part of a combined undergraduate degree.

You can also continue your studies in this fascinating subject area at postgraduate level. The department offers a stimulating environment for research and taught postgraduate programmes, with supervision by some of the major players in the fields of British and European history.

The advice and feedback I received on both my history essays and creative writing modules were incredibly useful to my academic and creative development. I learnt to take criticism, harness it to improve and write more effectively because of it.

Ellie Pilcher

BA (Hons) History and Creative Writing

Our teaching team

The academics are experts in their field and pride themselves on research-led teaching, ensuring you graduate with the knowledge you need to succeed through the most innovative and engaging methods. They regularly conduct their own research and projects in their areas of expertise.

Our research interests are wide, but cluster in four broad groups:

  • English society in the long 18th century
  • regional society and cultures
  • contemporary world history
  • public and digital history

You will be treated as a fellow researcher in our lively community, as you will be encouraged to think creatively, work collaboratively and become a confident, professional analyst of history, culture and the world around you. You will have opportunities to take part in research, work with local museums, contribute to Heritage Hub and conduct oral history.

My studies at Herts have helped me to develop my analytical and grammatical skills to a very high level. These are important transferable skills that I use when teaching my students. My study abroad year was the best year of my university life.

Thi My Nhi (Jenny) Vu

BA (Hons) History and Philosophy with Year Abroad (2018)