Oral History Team

The Oral History Team is led by Senior Research Fellow Andrew Green and works in conjunction with the University’s Heritage Hub. The team has worked on a wide variety of projects, including collaborations with University of Western Australia and work with Stevenage Football Club. We have lots of exciting projects planned for the coming year.

Memories matter...help us collect them

If you join the Oral History team you will be professionally trained and have a great new skill to add to your CV. You will get to meet interesting people hear their stories in their words. Most importantly, you will help to capture the memories of people who might not otherwise appear in the historical record. Your work will preserve their histories and create amazing resources for future historian.

Get in contact if you'd like to find out more about the projects or are interested in joining the Oral History Team.

Meet the team

Andrew Green

Andrew Green arrived at the University of Hertfordshire with the experience of a long career as a BBC radio presenter and producer, in the course of which he has conducted many thousands of interviews on a vast range of topics. Among his subjects over the years have been two Prime Ministers, two Archbishops of Canterbury, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard...and World Cup-winning striker, Geoff Hurst. However, one of his greatest pleasures has been hearing extraordinary stories told by ordinary people from many walks of life.

Andrew's role as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at UH involves him firstly in training students and staff in interview techniques. That expertise has then been applied in a range of UH oral history projects, from gathering memories of one-time employees of the de Havilland aircraft business and supporters of Stevenage Football Club, to interviews with UH international students - the WorldStory project. More recently came Full-Circle, an oral history exercise run in partnership with the University of Western Australia. This has been gathering memories both of those who have migrated to Western Australia and also from their relatives remaining in the UK. The current project is Starting Again, a study of retirement, which will be featured in a BBC Radio 4 documentary.

Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy is Professor of History and Dean of the School of Humanities. She has been a member of the Oral History team since 2011.

Anne is interested in how stories are told and preserved. As an eighteenth-century historian who spends most of her time working with written sources, she really enjoys being able to meet and talk to the people who get involved in the team's oral history projects.

Eureka Henrich

Eureka Henrich is a Research Fellow in Conflict, Memory and Legacy in the History Team at the University of Hertfordshire. Her research is in the areas of migration and health, particularly in the 20th century Australian context. Eureka is interested in how migration is represented and understood in public life, and in how people remember and narrate life stories which span different places, countries and continents. She joined the Oral History team in 2018 and is looking forward to meeting new people and listening to their stories.

Jenny Dart

Jenny Dart joined the Oral History Team in 2017. Jenny is currently undertaking postgraduate study within the History department, with a specific interest in women's experiences during the inter-war years. She is using women's magazines as a source in her studies and finds the opportunity to talk to people and capture their stories in person fascinating.

Jenny is working as the Research Assistant within the School of Humanities and overseeing the various on-going projects within the school and the Heritage Hub. Jenny is also responsible for managing and updating the growing archive of recordings on the website.

Andy Smith

Andy Smith joined the Oral History Team in late 2015 as an interviewer on the Full Circle Project. Andy has a broad interest in heritage, particularly in relation to place making and place attachment where oral histories can be an important tool in finding out how place is experienced and valued.

Andy was working as the Research Assistant within the School of Humanities and overseeing the various on-going projects within the school and the Heritage Hub. He has since moved on to become a Lecturer in Life and Medical Science.

Insights from the interviewers

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