Adjustments for exams

Many of the students we see in Disability Services are awarded adjustments for their exams.

This might include:

  • extra time
  • sitting an exam in a separate room
  • use of a computer
  • use of an amanuensis - someone who will read and write to your dictation
  • 1:1 invigilation

If  you need adjustments for your exams it is essential that you speak to  someone in Disability Services to arrange this. There is a cut-off date  by which this must be done (normally 5 working weeks prior to the exam  session starting).

Cut-off dates are published regularly on studynet for our students to see.

Information agreed and recorded to meet your needs

You and your Disability Adviser can agree on what adjustments you need. They will then be recorded in a Study Needs Agreement which will remain active for the duration of your course.

Contact Disability Services to discuss the possibility of a one-off adjustment for your exams.

Any  such adjustment will only be put in place for the one exam session and  will not automatically be awarded for any future exams.

Evidence of your disability/medical condition

Your  Disability Adviser will need to see evidence of your disability,  injury, medical condition or pregnancy before any adjustments can be  made.

If you do not already have medical evidence please leave  enough time to get this prior to the cut-off date for agreeing  adjustments.

If you have a specific learning difficulty such as  Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, you must have a full diagnostic report from an  assessment which was carried out when you were aged 16 or above by a  fully qualified professional with a practicing certificate.

Rooms to sit your exams in

If you are awarded extra time you will be placed in one of our  ‘extra time rooms’. This means you won’t be disturbed by all your peers  getting up and leaving while you carry on writing.

You might be  in a room with other people but they will also be using a computer. Most  of our students who sit their exam using a computer will be based in  one of our computer labs.

Your timetable

Your personal exam timetable will appear on your Studynet portal.  This will tell you which room you are in although please note it does  not give detail of the adjustments or any extra time you have been  awarded.

If you have 1:1 invigilation you will receive an email from Disability Services confirming details of your exam.