Full Member (MCIEA)

CIEA Full Membership is a voting grade of membership open to more advanced assessors who;

  • are able to demonstrate at least three years' educational assessment experience with at least one year's experience at Team Leader level or Module Leader or above
  • or have some responsibility for the assessment strategy within an institution or a programme of study or a module
  • or have qualified as a CEA and are exercising that role in an educational establishment
  • and can fulfil the eligibility criteria described below
  • and have relevant qualifications or training in educational assessment


A Full Member will:

  • have relevant qualifications or be able to provide evidence of completing training or continuing professional development in educational assessment (examples of relevant qualifications include BA/BSc/BEd/CertEd/MA/MSc/Postgraduate Certificate in Education/Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education/PhD or Assessor Qualifications
  • Have a minimum of three years' assessment experience (including at least one year’s experience at Team leader level or managing a team of assessors) or have some responsibility for the assessment strategy within an institution or a programme of study or a module
  • or have qualified as a Chartered Educational Assessor

and undertake the majority of the following activities:

Preparing for assessment

  • Interpret the assessment requirements of the specification for the organisation
  • Set assessment tasks, adapt the assessment criteria and identify or develop exemplars
  • Advise and train assessors on setting assessment tasks or lead and support the setting of assessment tasks.

Conducting assessment

  • Ensure that assessment team members understand the task and the assessment criteria
  • Scrutinise the standards of assessment within the team and provide feedback
  • Select and moderate appropriate samples of work
  • Assist as required with standardisation or manage the moderation process.

Feeding back after assessment

  • Assist with assessment procedure reviews as required
  • Assist in evaluating performance of the assessment as required
  • Provide/check reports for teams or organisations
  • Provide/check reports and give feedback to assessors and candidates as appropriate.

Performing effectively

  • Plan and undertake assessment activities, required procedures and deadlines
  • Identify and plan for improvement in own performance
  • Use appropriate evidence to meet development goals and enhance performance.

Managing and working with others

  • Develop, manage and support an effective assessment team
  • Encourage and help assessors to improve their performance
  • Communicate effectively to set and fulfil agreed commitments.

How to apply

Your Full Member application must include:

  • The completed application form
  • The completed Full Member proforma
  • A CV including a description of your current or latest job
  • Certified copies of qualifications or evidence of RPL*
    - or evidence of having qualified as a CEA and exercising that role in an educational establishment

*Certified copies must be “true copies of the original” which are signed and dated by a senior member of your employment company or a professional person

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