Covid-19 could result in long-term change to educational assessment in the UK, but is the teaching profession up to it?  Mick Walker, CIEA Vice Chair, considers the effects the Covid-19 pandemic on the award of qualifications in summer 2020. READ THE ARTICLE.

    Covid-19: Homeschooling and what it means for education. CIEA Trustee Dr Joanna Goodman considers the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on education; the issues schools, students and parents are facing and the potentially far reaching benefits which may result. READ THE ARTICLE.

    The future of the exams system: Moving to a more valid and reliable system. Former CIEA Chair, Sir John Dunford, discusses the future of the UK exam system and suggests we use the unique situation we find ourselves in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to “develop a better system of examinations that does not rely entirely on end-assessment and which uses high-quality moderated teacher judgements in ways that increase both the validity and reliability of the grades achieved by the students.” READ THE ARTICLE

    A look at T Levels. Having worked on developing the content of T Levels in Education and Childcare, CIEA Trustee Dr Joanna Goodman explain these new vocational qualifications. READ THE ARTICLE.

    The Future of Education. CIEA Trustee Dr Joanna Goodman contemplates the challenges of 21st century education. READ THE ARTICLE.