Covid-19 could result in long-term change to educational assessment in the UK, but is the teaching profession up to it?

    Mick Walker, CIEA Vice Chair, considers the effects the Covid-19 pandemic on the award of qualifications in summer 2020. The arrangements developed by Ofqual and the Awarding Organisations provide an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate their capacity to make valid and reliable judgements. Conversely it also provides an opportunity to demonstrate the opposite. CIEA welcome reactions to Mick’s article and to share how they are dealing with this in their institutions, particularly how they are determining grades and rank ordering their students. How are these arrangements being put into practice in your institution and do you see this as an opportunity to do things differently in the future. We’d be delighted to hear from you – email us at


    Covid-19: Homeschooling and what it means for education

    'We are living through what could be described as the biggest global experiment in education. The new norm is teaching and learning which are not tied to space.' CIEA Trustee Joanna Goodman considers the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on education; the issues schools, students and parents are facing and the potentially far reaching benefits which may result.