Webinars and Resources

CIEA webinars

Recordings of the following CIEA webinars are available:

July 2022: Formative Assessment

Feb 2022: About Our Schools: Improving on previous best

Dec 2021: Re-imagining Education in England

Nov 2021: What comes next: How should our assessment systems develop post-pandemic and what are the implications?

June 2021: The future of National Curriculum Assessment

April 2021: Preparing for summer 2021: ensuring the quality of assessments

March 2021: Grading general qualifications: Preparing for summer 2021

Jan 2021: Is Assessment Fair? presented by Isabel Nisbet and Stuart Shaw

June 2020: Covid-19 and the award of qualifications in summer 2020

Sep 2020: Building trust in teachers’ assessment: what can we learn from the August 2020 scenario?

Nov 2020: Building assessment expertise: the role of the Chartered Educational Assessor

Other webinars & podcasts:

Training videos

A series of short videos created in a collaboration between Frog Education and NAHT and featuring CIEA Chair Simon Sharp, Deputy Chair Mick Walker and previous CEO of CIEA Graham Herbert are available to view online.

The full set of videos can be found by following this link to the Life After Levels YouTube channel.

The videos include the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Establishing KPIs
  • Exemplifying performance standards
  • Setting performance standards
  • Internal moderation
  • External moderation
  • Using assessment outcomes

The videos have been approved for CIEA use by Frog.

CIEA lectures

See the Watch now list below to view the following CIEA lectures:

  • Public examinations as an instrument of social policy - Isabel Nisbet
  • New 1-9 GCSEs - has everything changed on the surface yet has nothing really changed?  - Tim Oates
  • Fair assessment in an unfair world - Isabel Nisbet
  • Authentic learning, assessment and progress; describing the journey from the EYFS onwards - Jan Dubiel
  • Assessment for learning without limits’ - Professor Dame Alison Peacock
  • Ensuring a progressive curriculum - Michael Walker
  • The whole pupil view: the power of data triangulation - Alastair Durno
  • Chinese lessons - what can we really learn from the PISA results?'- Isabel Nisbet

Watch now

You can watch our CIEA lecture series videos by selecting from the following.