Diploma in Educational Assessment

This  training is highly interactive, including group work and presentations. Delivery of the course can be virtual (three days) or face to face (two days).  Attendance at all sessions is required as is completion of pre-course tasks.

Candidates will be observed throughout, and these observations will form part of the assessment of the course.

A superbly designed course. Great pace and knowledgeable tutors. Would definitely recommend this diploma to others.

July  2023 delegate

The course content includes the following:

  • Introduction to the course: principles that apply in all assessment contexts
  • Recap of certificate content
  • The Role of the Chartered Educational Assessor
  • Preparing for Assessment
  • Conducting Assessment
  • Presentation exercise and feedback
  • Comparability and standards
  • Test theory (classical test theory, item response theory)
  • Understanding data
  • Group work
  • Assessment of the course

About the course

The Diploma course reflects the CIEA professional framework and sessions include the following:

Preparing for assessment

  • The purpose of assessment
  • The relationship between the curriculum and assessment model
  • Language issues
  • Making assessment valid and reliable

Conducting assessment

  • Inferences of assessment
  • Objective setting
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Comparability and standards
  • Test theory

Feeding back after assessment

  • The purpose and means of assessment
  • Understanding data
  • Uses and misuses of assessment

Performing effectively

  • Understanding why the CEA must be an effective communicator

Managing and working with others

  • Communication styles
  • Leadership and ethics
  • ‘Change management’ skills

At the end of the course, you will be required to successfully complete a short written task in order to gain the CIEA Diploma in Educational Assessment.