Chartered Educational Assessor Assignment

The Chartered Educational Assessor assignment will enable you to apply the knowledge and understanding you have gained from the CIEA Certificate and Diploma in Educational Assessment. In this assignment you will carry out the role of the Chartered Educational Assessor which is to quality assure the assessment processes that an awarding body, school, college, university or training centre use. This could for example be in a single school or college, across a federation of institutions, within a workplace, across a consortium or local authority.

The Chartered Educational Assessor Assignment must be completed within a year of commencement. Submission dates will be agreed with your course leader.

The assignment process

There are four aspects to the assignment process, as follows


Attend an individual meeting with a course leader to discuss the practicalities of the assignment and to explore the setting and focus of your assignment

Assignment proposal

Develop and submit an assignment proposal to the course leader outlining the setting and focus of your assignment.

Quality assurance

Quality assure or address an issue concerning the assessment processes that take place in a particular school, college, university, awarding organisation, regulator, or other workplace. It does not have to be your own assessment context, but it makes it easier if you fit it in with your day-to-day work. You will act both as a facilitator of change within the institution, as well as challenging and validating the change process.

Assignment portfolio

You will be expected to complete a portfolio outlining your activities throughout the quality assurance process and show how they meet the assessment criteria.

Your portfolio of evidence should include a Case Study which should draw conclusions about the process you have undertaken, including reference to the various strands of evidence you have collected. The case study should form the core of your portfolio and should be approximately 3,000 words long excluding annexes or appendices.