Alumni stories

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  • Abies Iriowen

    Abies Iriowen

    Meet Abies Iriowen who has applied her degree to improve diversity and equality in businesses. She currently works as a Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Goldman Sachs

  • Kate Stephenson

    Kate Stephenson

    Meet Kate Stephenson who has excelled in the publishing industry since graduating. She currently works as the Education Editor at National Geographic Kids magazine.

  • Alex Olney

    Alex Olney

    Meet Alex Olney who has applied his skills in communication to the gaming industry. He is currently a Senior Video Producer at Nintendo Life.

  • Punteha Van Terheyden

    Punteha Van Terheyden

    Meet Punteha Van Terheyden who was inspired by our staff to pursue a career in feature writing. Punteha now owns vT Features where she works as a true-life journalist and media consultant.

  • Laura de Haan

    Laura de Haan

    Meet Laura de Haan whose Humanities degree has taken her on a journey of personal discovery. She now works as an Education Liaison Coordinator at the University of Hertfordshire.