Student Success Programme

Student Success Programme

The Student Success programme provides support to undergraduate students who are identified as eligible according to household income, postcode and fees status. Being in the 'Student Success' cohort gives you priority access to a whole range of opportunities and practical help to enable you to have an enjoyable and successful university experience.

Enrolment into the Student Success cohort is automatic for those students meeting the University of Hertfordshire (UH) Undergraduate Bursary eligibility criteria on admission.

What being on the 'Student Success' programme means

Financial Support

First year undergraduate students (Level 4) who meet the eligibility criteria will receive the University of Hertfordshire (UH) Undergraduate Bursary

For students in financial difficulty, we can provide support with food vouchers, and/or essential study books and equipment.

The University also has a University Financial Assistance Fund which students can apply to for larger sums of money.

Personalised Support

The Student Success team are dedicated to supporting you throughout your time at the University of Hertfordshire, helping you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to progress successfully through your course and all the way to graduation.

You will receive regular news and updates from the team, and you can contact the team email anytime for help or advice.


You will get priority access to the Student Success programme of activities which typically includes:

  • academic mentoring or coaching
  • financial advice and support
  • peer mentoring
  • exam support and preparation
  • wellbeing and self-care resources.

We can help you find paid work opportunities or volunteering roles through the Students' Union such as a Student Ambassador or a BAME Advocate.

The Students' Union have over 100 societies you can join!  We'll encourage you to get involved, try something new and make friends. Find out more about the Students' Union Societies

We will support you to apply for a Go Herts Award. This award celebrates the University of Hertfordshire's student's engagement with opportunities, outside of the assessed part of their degree, which contribute to their employability. This could involve volunteering, part time work or community engagement projects. Find out more about the Go Herts Award.

Contact the Student Success team

We'll be here to support you throughout your University journey. If you want to find out more about how we can help, please email