The impact of your donation

Donations make an enormous difference to life at the University.

Donations make an enormous difference to life at the University. Our ground-breaking research into the use of robots to improve the communication skills of autistic children has only been possible thanks to the support of our donors. Meanwhile, thousands of students and aspiring entrepreneurs have been able to make their dreams a reality thanks to scholarships and awards.

If you would like to be part of something outstanding – something that will have an impact on generations to come – then join us by investing in the University. Together we can create opportunity, enable life-changing research and support our students to become the carers, creators and innovators of the future.

You can be assured that every penny of your donation will go directly towards the fundraising project you choose and that you are making a real and tangible contribution to people's lives.

How your donation could help

Here are just a few examples of how your donation could be used:

Donation Example of what your donation could fund
£30 Materials for an art therapy student to work with someone suffering from depression
£200 Specialist computer software for a student living with a disability
£500 A prize for a top-performing student in a subject of your choice
£800 Flights for an education student to travel to China to teach English to children living in an orphanage
£1,000 Vital research into autism
£3,000 A scholarship for a talented student for three years

Helps us to do more

The University of Hertfordshire has always been at the leading edge, pioneering courses, developing technologies and advancing industries. Just look at how our creatives are making their mark in film, music and design, how our researchers are pushing the boundaries of science and how our collaboration with business is inspiring innovation.

Your donation would help us to do more, faster.