Staff in the department of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr Matt TraynorHead of Department
Prof. Marc BrownChair - Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Prof. Sam SalekChair - Pharmacoepidemiology
Prof. Fabrizio SchifanoChair - Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Division of Pharmaceutics
Dr William McAuleyHead of Pharmaceutics
Prof. Mark BrownChair - Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Prof. Darragh MurnaneAssociate Dean of Commerce and Professor of Pharmaceutics
Dr David ChauSenior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Dr Fang LiuSenior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Dr Michael CookLecturer in Pharmaceutics
Dr Victoria HutterSenior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Dr Laxmi KeraiLecturer
Mubinah BeebeejaunTeaching and Research Assistant
Beatrice PecoraroTeaching and Research Assistant
Dr Zoe AslanpourExecutive Lead for NHS and Public Health
Postgraduate Medicine
Dr Ian BarrisonAssociate Dean
Consultant in Gastroenterology
Madeleine FlanaganPrincipal Lecturer
Programme Tutor for Dermatology and Skin Integrity
Ken SpearpointPrincipal lecturer
Programme Lead for Health
Programme Lead for Medical Simulation and Cardiology and Stroke
Billy LiuMulti-Media learning and Training Material Manager
Dr Julia SchofieldPrincipal lecturer in Dermatology
Consultant in Dermatology
Dr Ornella CorazzaReader in Substance Addictions and Behaviours
MD Programme Director
Dr Yasmin KhatibSenior Lecturer
Philomena ShaughnessyAssociate Dean for Academic Quality Assurance
Susan KnightLecturer and Tissue Viability Consultant Nurse,
Queens Nurse
Kathy RadleySenior Lecturer in Dermatology and Skin Integrity
Public Health and Postgraduate Pharmacy
Narinder BhallaAcademic and Clinical Link Tutor (Addenbrook's Hospital)
Surinder BhatiaAcademic and Clinical Link Tutor (East and North Herts Hospital)
John CorkerySenior Lecturer
Louise CowanSenior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Susanna MasonPrincipal Lecturer
Programme Tutor and Acting Head for Overseas Pharmacist’s Assessment Programme (OSPAP)
Dipali YaknikSuperintendent of Campus Pharmacy
Dr Nada Atef SheblLecturer in Patient Safety
Dr Nkiruka UmaruSubject Group Lead for Postgraduate Clinical
Dr Diana GorogVisiting Professor in Cardiology
Dr Ken FarringtonRenal
Prof. Sam SalekChair - Pharmacoepidemiology
Alyson WinterAcademic and Clinical Link Tutor (Bedford Hospital)
Maureen BrennanPrincipal  Lecturer
Programme Lead for Master in Public Health (Online)
Yinka IdowuProgramme Lead for MSc Physician's Associate
Zamzam AhmedSenior Lecturer in Clinical Practice
Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr Stewart KirtonHead of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Prof. Andrew HuttEmeritus Professor
Dr David Griffiths

Principal Lecturer Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Dr Paul BassinPrincipal Lecturer Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Sharon RossiterPrincipal Lecturer Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Suzanne FergusPrincipal Lecturer Medicinal Chemistry and Learning and Teaching Specialist
Dr Ute GerhardProgramme Leader BSc Pharmaceutical Science
Dr Jacqueline StairSenior Lecturer in Analytical Science
Deputy Head of the Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry Research Hub
Dr Amira GuirguisLecturer Analytical Science 
PhD candidate
Ilaria PassariniResearch and Teaching Assistant
PhD candidate
Michelle BothaLecturer 
Valerie MullaneSenior Lecturer
Mohamed Abou-ShamatTeaching and Research Assistant
Jesus Calvo-CastroLecturer
Kassim AdebamboTeaching and Research Assistant
Ilaria PassariniTeaching and Research Assistant
Dr Gerta Cami KobeciLecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmacy Practice
Kelly LefteriHead of Pharmacy Practice
Prof. Fabrizio SchifanoClinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr Cathal GallagherReader in Healthcare Ethics and Law
Catriona (Nina) WalkerPrincipal Lecturer
Laura KravitzPrincipal Lecturer
Programme Tutor MPharm
Marianne RialSenior Lecturer
Admissions Tutor for Overseas Pharmacy Practice
Sarah OliverLecturer
Hershel JoshiLecturer
Lynda IyekeLecturer
Waseeat Kareem-AlliuSenior Lecturer
MPharm Admissions Tutor
Abdu SoltaniLecturer
Dr Chris BenhamHead of Pharmacology
Bharat AmlaniSenior Lecturer in Pharmacovigilance
Dr Chris KeatingSenior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Research Lead
Dr John TalbotSenior Lecturer in Pharmacovigilance
Dr Lisa LioneSenior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Dr Mahmoud IravaniSenior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Dr Sara PritchardSenior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Dr Sherael WebleyPrincipal Lecturer 
Programme Tutor Pharmacovigilance
Dr Shori ThakurPrincipal Lecturer in Pharmacology
Dr Joy MyintProgramme Lead
Lynne WeddellPrincipal Lecturer
Sue AttwoodSenior Lecturer 
Practice Lead
Janet CarltonSenior Lecturer
Angela Gulati-RoySenior Lecturer
Richard HollingsworthSenior Lecturer
Umesh RupareliaSenior Lecturer
Lucy Miller-WhiteSenior Lecturer
Kalpana TheophilusBoots Tutor Practitioner
Amy RoseLecturer
Sheila RaeSenior Lecturer