Zoe Matthews

Zoe Matthews is completing the final months of her three-year BSc (Hons) Pre-Registration Midwifery course and has been on placement at a hospital in London.

The final year of my course has been about bringing everything I’ve learnt over the last three years and tying it together. It’s daunting, being this close to qualifying, but I’m excited for what the future holds.

Working at a London hospital is challenging, but it’s been fantastic. The community is rich and diverse; you learn a lot from the people you interact with. You get involved at the very beginning of your placement and mentors work closely with you to make sure you’re learning the skills and competencies you need. The support I’ve had from the University and the hospital has been fantastic.

You get to experience different midwifery specialties whilst on placement and my favourite has been caring for women in the community. It’s in these low-risk settings where you can really build relationships with the woman and their families. It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of what is a life-changing experience for them.