Lorraine Harrison

Lorraine Harrison is a mature BSc Children’s Nursing student who is currently in her third and final year. As a mother of four, living nearly fifty miles away from the University has meant that the last three years has been tough. But Lorraine says she had a fantastic student experience and has achieved so much more than she ever hoped.

I wanted to train to be a nurse because I wanted a job that meant when I got home at the end of a long day, I felt like I had done something to help people. I was inspired by my parents who are both nurses and I also wanted to do something that had good career progression opportunities.

My course at Herts is so interesting! Every day is different from the last. It involves a balance of practical and theoretical learning. On campus we study the theory behind nursing which is taught by experienced nurses. We also go out on placements which are really interesting and varied. I have had a wide range of placements including a children’s ward, A&E neonatal intensive care (NICU), paediatric intensive care (PICU), a special needs school, a children’s hospice and even a GP practice.

I have enjoyed so many things about placements. I have met incredible nurses, doctors, play specialists, physios - the list goes on. I have seen the bravery of children when they are really ill and the love of parents caring for their children.

Since studying at Herts I have met so many interesting and knowledgeable people. I have learnt so much, and laughed and cried so many times. I remember once crying all the way home after a 12-hour shift after a mental health patient told me that I had made a huge difference to them.

I am undecided which direction I want to take my career, but I really enjoy emergency care and intensive care so hopefully one day I will end up doing that.