Active engineering

Engineering and Technology degree courses at the University of Hertfordshire include design, simulation, and practical implementation of real solutions.

As a result, you will be able to adapt quickly and easily to the work environment of your chosen industry sector, or a company after completing your course.

Active experience is highly valued by employers and we endeavour to provide you with such opportunities throughout your studies with us. We offer a wide ranging set of workshops and laboratory based activities mostly as part of the curriculum but also through clubs and extracurricular sessions.

Our students regularly design and build rockets and hovercrafts and even race the cars they have designed. They also design, simulate, program and construct complex circuits for communications, embedded applications, and Robotics.

Practical features of our programmes


  • Flight simulators, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and Rocketry are amongst activities that provide our students with the opportunity to put theory into practice.
  • A series of flight simulators provide realistic flying experience in a safe and controlled environment preparing students for their real-flying sessions.
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles are designed, built and flown as part of student projects or through extracurricular sessions.
  • Rocketry is also another feature of our programmes and conditions permitting, rocketry club activities are often field tested as well as experienced through controlled rocket test cell blast-offs.

Electronics, Communications and Electrical or Smart and Digital Technologies

  • Our students are provided with the Altium Designer suite of design, simulation and layout software. This enables them to take full advantage of the System-on-Chip facilities in the School.
  • A series of mini-projects enable our students to work on real-life technological challenges competing against time and resources. These sessions are informed by our research activities and are often supervised by visiting professors and industrial visiting fellows.
  • Our newly established Smart Systems Laboratory hosts a series of interactive and intelligent environments that enable our students to develop smart applications. Credit is due to our students who built a 'smart' house and competed in the prestigious Imagine Cup. This project was mentioned by New Scientist.

Mechanical and Automotive

  • Karting, Race Car Simulator, and Formula Student project will be a series of joined up activities covering the length of your chosen programme.
  • Our students use our race-car simulator to experience different powertrain configurations, driving conditions and various terrain/tracks.
  • The Formula Student project team will build racing cars and compete against other universities in the UK, Europe and across the world.
  • The student experience in mechanical engineering is enhanced through active engagement of staff with industry through knowledge transfer programs. This type of engagement has led to industry sponsoring a variety of test rigs, such as drying centre and bearing rig, that provides individual and group project activities.
  • In support of our students fabrication and manufacturing needs the School’s modern workshop is equipped with 3 axis router, 4 axis mill, manual lathe and laser cutting machine, manual XYZ milling machines, CNC Milling machine, XYZ lathes, CNC lathe, Guillotine, band-saw and 2 pillar drills, 5 axis machining centre VMC, FARO scanning arm and 3D printing facilities.

Our courses

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The university has provided excellent opportunities to develop my knowledge and experience through the structured course

Scott Moffat

MEng/BEng Honours Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology