Religious Studies

By choosing religious studies at the University of Hertfordshire, you’ll be introduced to the ideas, beliefs and practices of some of the major world religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism – providing you with the tools to understand the dialogue between these traditions and their wider social and cultural context, past and present.

You’ll explore the role of religion in the most pressing issues facing us today, such as climate change and the environment, gender, sexuality, and social justice. You’ll also gain an appreciation for the lively exchange of ideas between religion and other related fields such as philosophy, politics, and history.

Religion asks the big questions about meaning, suffering, death, love and forgiveness. While the answers to these questions may differ across the world’s religions, these are united in providing a space for moral development and social critique. At Herts, you'll explore how religious and spiritual traditions have influenced the modern world, while learning about the diversity, dynamism, and philosophical depth that each of these traditions has to offer.

Dialogue is at the heart of our approach to religious studies. Students learn to listen to one another and to learn from the diversity of their experiences. Understanding how people live their different faiths fosters empathy, tolerance and a better ability to navigate a globalised world. Being able to communicate effectively on these matters can give you the edge you need in a multicultural job market and workplace.

You can study religious studies as part of a combined undergraduate degree.

Meet the programme leader for religious studies, Dr Erin Plunkett