Zero Carbon Lab

Zero Carbon Lab is a unique multidisciplinary research group at the University of Hertfordshire where design thinking and advanced computer modelling methods are brought together to seek solutions to the toughest open problems in the built environment.

Founded by Professor Ljubomir Jankovic to consolidate the multitude of on-going work facets in this field, Zero Carbon Lab collaborates nationally and internationally with industry and academia on facilitating a wider take-up of zero carbon design and retrofit of buildings and on wider societal sustainability issues.

The ethos of Zero Carbon Lab is to stimulate change: a change from inefficient building designs to designs that cause zero carbon dioxide emissions; a change from traditional building performance design methods that create an artificial interface between nature and our understanding of nature, to emergence based approaches that represent closely how nature works; and a change from the unlimited economic growth imperative on the limited planet, to a non-growth imperative that balances the consumption with regeneration of resources and stimulates a steady-state economy.

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For more information on the Zero Carbon Lab, please contact Professor Ljubomir Jankovic or visit the Zero Carbon Lab website.