Hedgehogs nursery group - for children from 1 to 2 years

Children in the Hedgehog groupIn Hedgehogs, children will grow and have lots of fun with a wide range of activities. Free flow between the garden and rooms means children are free to explore. Our bright, loving and caring environment is always engaging and inclusive for all.

A typical Hedgehog day

08:00 Welcome, free play, handover from parents
09:30 Nappies
10:00 Snack
10:15 Adult-initiated activity, free play
10:45 Garden play
11:00 Singing and story time
11:15 Lunch
11:45 Sleep time
13:30/14:00 Quiet activities, nappies, drinks
14:10 Adult-initiated activity, free play
15:15 Tea
16:00/16:15 Quiet time – story books/story cd/relaxing music, nappies
16:15-18:00 Free play until parents collect