What we do in the Day Nursery

Our approach to childcare

At The University Day Nursery we:

  • Give each child the opportunity for all-round development.
  • Monitor each child’s progress.
  • Organise indoor and outdoor activities to expand and enrich children’s interests.
  • Build children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Support children in finding their own ways to solve problems.
  • Help children become aware of cultural diversity in the community, encouraging respect for each other’s values and customs.
  • Make conversation with children and get involved in their play, extending their learning and understanding.
  • Integrate children with special needs, wherever possible.
  • Provide a flexible curriculum and respond to the needs of each group of children to adapt what and how we teach.
The children happily work together sharing their thoughts and ideas and are developing the skills required to prepare them for their future learning, such as when they move on to school’.


How we work with parents

We aim to:

  • Share our expertise and listen to you, ensuring we’re both doing the absolute best we can to look after your child.
  • Keep you informed about the day-to-day running of the day nursery, as well as educational and childcare issues.
  • Help you become involved in your child’s learning and development.
Parents spoken to on the day of the (Ofsted) inspection…say an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere is provided by staff who know their children and families well.


Happy healthy mealtimes

We promote healthy eating and believe in providing high quality meals. We ensure fresh fruit and vegetables are provided with all meals.

Meal times are a social time where children develop skills such as using cutlery, using manners and developing social skills. They provide an opportunity for children to interact with their peers and key worker. See an example of our healthy and tasty menus.

Children’s awareness of developing a healthy lifestyle is promoted well. Children are provided with healthy food choices at meal and snack times and… they learn about what constitutes a healthy diet.