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8~12 year olds - Game Design Summer Camp

About the course

Do you enjoy playing games? Do you want to create your own game instead? Turn a passion into a career with a game design summer school.

The Game Design Summer School for 8 to 12-year-olds is an exciting and immersive course that introduces young participants to the world of game design using Unreal Engine.

What will I study?

Learner hours: 25

The Game Design Summer School for 8 to 12-year-olds is an exciting and immersive course that introduces young participants to the world of game design using Unreal Engine.

Throughout this hands-on program, students will engage in a variety of activities and practical exercises to learn the processes and techniques involved in designing and creating their own games. Using Blender, an accessible and powerful 3D modelling and animation software, students will have the opportunity to bring their game ideas to life. They will learn to design and develop a top-down shooter game that can be played on both mobile phones and computers.

Over the course of five days, participants will have the opportunity to customise their game with unique art assets, making their top-down shooter game truly their own. The comprehensive curriculum aims to empower students to take charge of various aspects of game development, including story design, character creation, and programming while fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills in an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

Day 1 Introduction to Game Design and Level Design
  • Introduction to Game Design and Unreal Engine software.
  • Overview of the course and what they will be doing.
  • Creative thinking exercises for generating game ideas.
  • Basics of 3D modelling in Blender: Creating simple objects and shapes.
  • Introduction to level design: Designing the layout and structure of game levels.
  • Hands-on activity: Design and create the layout of the level.
Day 2 Character Design and Animation for the Game
  • Recap of Day 1 and review of the first level design.
  • Introduction to character design: Creating and customising player characters.
  • Basics of animation: Adding movement and actions to characters.
  • Exploring enemy design and behaviour: Creating different types of enemies.
  • Hands-on activity: Design and animate player characters and enemies for the game.
Day 3 Implementing Game Mechanics and Enemy Behaviour in the Game
  • Recap of previous days and review of character and enemy design.
  • Introduction to game mechanics: Player movement, shooting mechanics, and scoring systems.
  • Implementing game mechanics in Ue5: Using blueprints and AI.
  • Fine-tuning.
  • Hands-on activity: Implementing game mechanics and fine-tuning character and enemy behaviour in the game.
Day 4 Visual Design and Audio Integration for the Game
  • Recap of previous days and review of game mechanics implementation.
  • Importance of illustration in game design: Creating visually appealing backgrounds and environments for the "Cosmic Adventure" game.
  • Exploring thematic elements and visual storytelling in games.
  • Implementing audio into the game
  • Help out session
Day 5 Polishing and Showcasing the Completed Game
  • Narrative development in games: Creating engaging stories and objectives for the game.
  • Testing and debugging the game for optimal performance.
  • Help out session
  • Showcasing and sharing the completed "Cosmic Adventure" top-down shooter game.

Throughout the course, there will be interactive discussions, group activities, and individual hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. The instructors will provide guidance and support, ensuring that students understand each concept and can apply their knowledge to the development of their game.

Learning outcomes

This course is specifically designed for teenagers and we have adapted the course so it is suitable for 8-12 year olds,  who have an interest in game design and want to learn the processes and techniques involved in creating their own games.

Additionally, this course is for anyone who wants to learn game design using Unreal Engine and develop practical skills in computer programming, creative thinking, and effective communication. It provides a structured learning environment for individuals who are eager to explore the world of game design and gain hands-on experience in developing their own games.

Where will I study?

Mode of delivery: Face to face

Our address is The School of Creative Arts, College Lane Campus, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AB.

For Maps and Directions please visit our helpful  ‘Where to Find Us’  page. Further details are sent by email when you have booked.

Important information


Signing in is from 9.20 and 9.25 each day in the Art Gallery and the summer workshops will start at 9.30. We finish at 15.30. You will need to be picked up promptly at 15.30, again from the Art Gallery. Parents and carers, if you have any problems and think that you may be late, please let us know by calling 01707 285327.

Drop off/collection

The drop-off point is the Art Gallery, and you can find this through our wayfinding app here. We suggest you park in one of the bays around the nearby Lindop Building for drop-off. You can drop off anytime between 9.20 and 9.25. Collection is promptly at 15.30 and there is free parking available on campus for 2 hours.

The programme

We have an exciting programme of activities planned. You will find out more about art and design courses and you will be meet practising artists or designers.  Each group will have an assistant art tutor with them for the whole time you are here, and you will meet them on your first morning.  They can help you with any concerns you have while you are here.


Parents/Guardians: When registering, please enrol with your own details. There is a field on the enrolment paperwork where you can enter your son or daughter's name and age.

Emergency contact

We need contact numbers so we can contact parents/carers at any time.  These details need to be confirmed on the form attached to the email. Should you need to contact us please phone the Short Course Office on 01707 285327. It is very important that we know in advance if you cannot for any reason be collected on time at the end of the day.


Wear suitable and comfortable clothes as you may get messy and dirty (that is what art is all about!).  An overall, apron or large shirt would be ideal.

Food & drink

You will need to bring your own packed lunch. Water will be available during breaks and lunchtime.


All materials needed for all the summer schools will be provided by the University.


If you need to bring any medication with you, please make sure it is clearly labelled with your child’s name and any instructions. These can be administered by us provided the medical permission form enclosed has been signed by a parent or carer and handed in on arrival on your first day.

Booking deadlines

Bookings for all Creative Arts Short Courses will be reviewed two weeks before the start date of each course. This will allow the Short Course team to determine whether a course has met the minimum number of students needed for the class to run. If a class has failed to recruit, the class will be re-scheduled and you will be informed. Where relevant you will be offered an alternative class. If the course has met minimum numbers, bookings will stay open until the course start date or until it has met maximum numbers.

We encourage you to book early before the deadline to avoid disappointment.

Bookings for all short courses need to be made online through our online booking system before a course commences. You cannot enrol or attend a class on the day the course starts.


If for any reason you change your mind about joining us after you have accepted the offer, you have a legal right to cancel your contract to study with us within 14 days. This cancellation period therefore ends at the end of 14 days after the day on which you accepted our offer. Find further details of our cancellation terms here.

How to apply?

Start DateEnd DateDayTimeCostLink
05/08/202409/08/2024Mon to Fri09.30 - 15.30£225.00Fully Booked

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Childcare vouchers

We now accept childcare vouchers. If you would like to pay by this method, please contact us via telephone or email, using the contact details below.

Contact us

If you wish to discuss this or any other creative art short course please contact the Short Course team on 01707 285327 or complete our short course enquiry form.

Nick Thomas, Short Course Coordinator,
School of Creative Arts