Membership (retired)


Retired status is available to existing Associate, Full Member and Fellow grade CIEA members. The fee is £48 per annum.


You must be:

  • aged 65 or over
  • have been a CIEA member for 5 years
  • FULLY RETIRED with no income from work (members who have retired on grounds of ill health, regardless of age and will not be returning to paid employment, can also apply).

Any change of circumstances regarding paid income must be disclosed to the CIEA administration team.

To apply for this concession please contact the CIEA admin team.


As a Retired Associate/Full Member/Fellow you are:

  • still entitled to use the post nominals ie ACIEA, MCIEA or FCIEA
  • can describe yourself as  ‘Retired Associate/Member/Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors, as appropriate
  • still entitled to vote.

Further information

Members are reminded that retired membership is only available to those who have retired from employment.

Members may be returned to full rate billing should full compliance with the retired grade qualification criteria not be adhered to. This may also be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee depending upon the circumstances.

Once your application is accepted, you will be awarded the retired grade and will be eligible to pay the reduced subscription fee from the next renewal.

Over 75s

Existing Retired grade members are eligible for FREE membership from the age of 75.

To apply for this concession please contact the CIEA admin team.