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Flare 2023 Finalists

Our enterprise ideas challenge, Flare, is a highly competitive annual competition that gives Herts student and alumni entrepreneurs the support and training they need to bring their business ideas to life, no matter how far along they are in development.

The winner of the People's Choice and our highly coveted award categories was announced at a celebratory awards presentation and networking event which took place in June 2023 at the Enterprise Hub.

2023 Flare Winners

  • Healthcare and wellbeing £3,000 - Keerthi Busanaboyina - Ellyfe
  • Breakthrough science and technologies £3,000 - Josep Navarro and Moritz Laas - Uverd
  • Creative entrepreneurship £3,000 - Nishrat Islam - Bground
  • Impactful entrepreneurship £1,500 each - this prize is split between Louise Smith - Come Outside, and Sharon Okoh Peter -  Keats.
  • Engineers in Business Fellowship £3,000 (supported by Engineers in Business Fellowship - Fidelis Odok - Wattflow
  • Flare entrepreneur of the year £2,500 - Fidelis Odok - Wattflow
  • People's choice - £2,500 (supported by Santander Universities UK) Keerthi Busanaboyina -  Ellyfe

Meet the finalists

Nishrat Islam

School of Creative Arts

Business name: Bground

Bground re-uses what nature has given us by using the one thing some cannot live without, coffee. We use recycled coffee grounds within our materials to create a positive environment for the earth and us. Practicality is our specialty.

Maximus Loffredo

Hertfordshire Business School

Business Name: Disciplined Gardener

My name is Max, I'm studying Business and Marketing here at Herts as I have always had a passion for business and believe I have enough entrepreneurial spirit to win this competition.

My aim is to spread awareness on mental and physical health and help support people grow their hobbies and interests in a fun garden simulation, whilst also supporting the alleviation of negative addictions or habits. Users are rewarded with butterflies living in their garden and will need to maintain their productivity for them to stay.

Lisa Powell

School of Education

Business Name: Fortis Education

Fortis Education creates teaching and learning resources that can be downloaded, that aim to develop academic levels to a high standard yet also address well-being and diversity.  Fortis also offers in-person group courses, mock exam sessions, assessments and consultations.  Fortis also aims to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the best schools through scholarships and the opportunity of a university education.

Louise Smith

School of Education

Business Name: Come Outside!

Come Outside! is a nature-based support group that provides a safe, judgement-free space for those with bigger bodies, limited fitness, and social anxieties. Together we rebuild self-confidence, find companionship, and take the first steps to becoming more physically active. Through connecting with the natural world, we find our own ways to enjoy moving more while nurturing compassion for our planet and inspiring pro-environmental behaviours.

Mohamad Khir Allah

School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

Business Name: Arabic Artwear

Introducing "Arabic Artwear," a unique Arabic brand in the UK that blends elements of Arabic calligraphy and the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East into the clothing industry. Discover our collection of thoughtfully designed clothing that celebrates tradition, craftsmanship, and individuality. Stand out with our stylish and culturally inspired pieces. Join us in embracing the beauty of Arabic art and fashion.

Asif Rajwani

Hertfordshire Business School

Business Name: Build My Tomorrow

Build My Tomorrow is a pioneering crowdfunding platform that is reshaping the giving landscape and empowering individuals to create lasting impacts. We firmly believe that genuine generosity encompasses more than monetary donations, which is why our platform enables users to share not only their financial resources but also their time, experience, knowledge, and emotions. By sparking a surge of positive change, Build My Tomorrow is revolutionizing how people contribute and make a meaningful difference in the world. Together, we are building a future where acts of kindness and genuine connections create a transformative cascade of impact for all.

Sarah Goldsmith

Hertfordshire Business School

Business Name: ProjectIQ

Sarah is the founder of ProjectIQ (PIQ) - an online coaching, mentoring and career development system specialising in Project Management; open to anyone from any background, irrespective of your qualifications and experience or the lack of it. We are very much interested in people from marginalised communities to break down barriers and facilitate career success for all.

Divya Payal

Hertfordshire Business School

Business Name: Gotta Patti

Gotta Patti, a fashion brand founded by a resilient Ex Army Officer, breathes life into recycled plastic waste into beautiful gotta patti embroidered pieces. Born from the desire to empower women and promote sustainability, this brand crafts high-quality, artful garments, empowering consumers to make positive fashion choices. Gotta Patti: a testament to dreams, determination, and a greener future for fashion.

Keerthi Busanaboyina

School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

Business name: Ellyfe

Ellyfe- Leveraging Electronics to Save Lives. Our cost-effective and eco-friendly wearable device and app provide real-time data to monitor hydration levels for elderly patients in the first instance in nursing homes. Stay hydrated, stay healthy with Ellyfe. Revolutionizing hydration for the elderly, one drop at a time.

Fidelis Odok

School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

Business Name: WattFlow

My name is Fidelis Odok, co-founder and electronics engineer at WattFlow. With a passion for sustainable energy solutions, I spearhead the development of low-cost energy devices and AI-powered battery management systems. At WattFlow, we strive to make clean energy affordable and accessible, addressing the environmental challenges of classical electricity generation methods.

Sharon Okoh-Peter

School of Life and Medical Sciences

Business Name: Keats

An authentic restaurant providing African fusion cuisine with a unique nutritional twist. Here at Keats, we bring healthy, delicious, and affordable food to your doorstep, events, primary location or on the go. We pride ourselves on being affordable and sustainable, offering a diverse menu, designed to give that nostalgic feeling of home. At Keats, the best is what we serve and with our immaculate eco-friendly packaging, we help save the planet.

Josep Navarro and Moritz Laas

School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

Business Name: Uverd

At Uverd, we're dedicated to improving soil integrity, crop yield and nutrient density. We are building low-cost AI-based monitoring technology with an open-data framework to leverage our rich plant genetic heritage with organic fertilizers for a healthy and more democratized agriculture.