Support Kaspar's social mission

Jane Asher, KASPAR, Vice-Chancellor Quintin McKellar and Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn. Research with Kaspar has shown that robots can provide a safe and predictable learning tool to encourage social interaction and communication in children with autism.

Your support would help us take the crucial next step: the re-engineering of the University’s Kaspar prototype into an advanced, robust and affordable robot that is available to any child that needs it.

The University of Hertfordshire is very grateful for the generous donations from the following organisations and individuals in support of the Kaspar project:

  • The Stavros Niarchos Foundation
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The Leathersellers’ Company
  • The John Apthorp Charity
  • The Hobson Charity
  • The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust
  • The Rank Foundation
  • Eastern Counties Educational Trust
  • The Hedley Foundation
  • The Paul Foundation
  • The Mercers' Company
  • The Henry C. Hoare Charitable Trust
  • UH Diamond Fund
  • The Red Hill Trust
  • The Chapman Charitable Trust
  • The N Smith Charitable Settlement
  • The Astor Foundation
  • The Golden Bottle Trust
  • Mr John Heywood
  • European Science Foundation
  • MT & SD Burton Charitable Trust
  • Queenswood School
  • Mrs Rita Andrews
  • Ms Jane Asher
  • Hertfordshire Engineers’ Luncheon Club
  • Mr William J Pool
  • Mr and Mrs Allan Spicer