George Bernard Shaw: the collection at Shaw's Corner

Learn more about the Irish playwright during his time in Hertfordshire.

The collection at Shaw's Corner

George Bernard ShawThis collaborative project between the National Trust and Dr Pat Simpson at the University of Hertfordshire's School of Creative Arts aims to provide scholarly information on playwright, politician and philosopher George Bernard Shaw.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the initiative hopes to give a greater understanding to the collection on display at Shaw's Corner to benefit:

  • visitors
  • staff
  • volunteer guides
  • the National Trust
  • the academic community

Examining the past

Shaw's CornerArtefacts and materials that embody Shaw's enduring engagement with Fabian socialist principles are currently being researched by University of Hertfordshire PhD student Alice McEwan.

These items are being given context by analysing the shifting definitions of 'modernity' between 1906 – when Shaw moved in to his Hertfordshire home – and 1950 when he donated the house and its content to the National Trust.

Artefacts include:

  • elements of Jaeger clothing
  • Shaw's concern with having a plumbed-in bathroom
  • the use of 'arts and crafts' furniture and fittings in both his house and the staging of his plays

Working together

This is the second collaboration between the University of Hertfordshire and Shaw's Corner.

In 1989, the Faculty of Engineering undertook an investigative project into the restoration and reconstruction of Shaw's circularly moveable writing hut.

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