Lead Assessor Award

The Lead Assessor Award is designed to enable those achieving the award to ensure the development of high-quality educational assessment practice in their school or MAT by:

  • improving the validity and reliability of school-based assessment;
  • enhancing teaching and learning, delivering tangible benefits for all pupils across the institution(s);
  • raising the professional status of teachers by demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of effective educational assessment practice to governors, parents, Ofsted, and the wider community;
  • ensuring the enacted school curriculum and assessment processes align with intended outcomes by providing insight into the quality of teaching and learning and the ways in which progression is achieved across the curriculum;
  • reducing workload by ensuring that efficient, valid and reliable processes are used to measure and record pupils’ attainment.

The Lead Assessor Award is awarded to individuals who have completed the Lead Assessor Programme and submitted,a maximum 1,000-word assignment, outlining how they will implement the role of Lead Assessor in their own context which will be assessed by the CIEA.

The programme contains six modules and is designed to run over ten weeks to allow participants time to access the materials without causing undue or additional pressure on the workload of teachers.

Participants have the option to complete the six modules at which time they will receive a Certificate of Attendance or go on to complete the assignment to achieve the Lead Assessor Award.

Having an independently accredited Lead Assessor demonstrates a school or Multi Academy Trust’s (MAT) clear commitment to high quality assessment practice and the professional development and support of its staff. It also provides a step towards further CIEA qualifications including Chartered Educational Assessor (see CIEA, 2022).