Certificate in Educational Assessment course details

There are four units of study in this course which comprise of ten sessions which can be completed at your own pace. We suggest allowing at least three weeks of part-time study to complete all units. This course must be completed before progressing to the Diploma in Educational Assessment and Chartered Educational Assessor Assignment.

Course structure and outline

The outline for each session is as follows:

Unit 1

Session 1: Introduction to the course

  • You will be required to complete self-introductions and a pre-course survey.
  • In addition, you will be asked to familiarise yourself with the glossary of terms.

Session 2: Learning taxonomies

  • This session will cover a review of learning taxonomies, including Bloom’s and SOLO taxonomies and you will consider how these frameworks can be used to improve assessments.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, carry out additional reading and contribute to discussion threads.

Unit 2

Session 3: What is assessment?

  • In this session you will explore the definitions of assessment and watch a video introduction to statistics.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, watch a video on statistics and contribute to discussion thread.

Session 4: Purposes of assessment

  • This session focuses on the many purposes of assessment and the range of types of assessment.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, carry out additional reading and contribute to discussion thread.

Session 5: Learning and assessment

  • You will consider how assessment links to learning taxonomies, threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge,

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, watch a lecture on formative assessment and contribute to a group activity on discussion thread

Session 6: Types of assessment

  • We will look at types of assessment and examples of types of testing in this sixth session.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, carry out additional reading and contribute to group activity on discussion thread

Unit 3

Session 7: Testing times

  • The session begins by considering a practical problem related to assessment to promote thought and discussion and then you will explore how to create and evaluate a test.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, consider a practical problem, and contribute to a group activity on a discussion thread

Session 8: Making a good assessment

  • In this session we will look at using data arising from a test and consider how to make a good test. Standards and comparability will also be discussed.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, carry out additional reading, take part in a group activity.

Session 9: Course summary and recap

  • A recap of the course will be provided in this session and you will be introduced to the brief for the synoptic assessment task.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, contribute to discussion thread.

Unit 4

Session 10: Certificate Assessment and CEA skills

  • In preparation for progressing to becoming a Chartered Educational Assessor we will start to look at some of the practicalities of operating as a CEA.

Activities: Listen to narrated slides, complete course feedback survey and synoptic writing task.