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  • Kiymet Shevket

    Kiymet Shevket

    Meet Kiymet. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged Kiymet to refocus her career plans and she decided to study a postgraduate degree at Herts. She is now working for a world-renowned architecture studio in London.

  • Beyza Kayali

    Beyza Kayali

    Meet Beyza. After completing an undergraduate degree at Herts, Beyza found her first role through the University’s online careers platform. To power her development, she has chosen to complete her postgraduate degree at Herts too.

  • James J Igbafe

    James J Igbafe

    Meet James. James completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree at Herts and has since embarked on a career as an Architectural Designer.

  • Josip Pijević

    Josip Pijević

    Meet Josip. He was drawn to Herts because he wanted to grow his skillset, and he was impressed by the University’s campus and location. He completed a postgraduate course at Herts too and is now looking to pursue further study.