Jane had lived in the UK for a number of years although was originally from Continental Europe. She was a highly qualified nurse in the NHS and continued to work as she attended the group.

She presented as a very articulate independent woman who was managing her symptoms well enough although it was causing her a lot of distress. She found she would hold her breath and could not breathe out at times. She felt it was psychological but did not know how to get a handle on it.

During the sessions Jane explored her symptoms using a lot of imagery, relaxation and group movements. What Jane found was that the images and reflections on some of the witnessing around breathing and her body, lead her to traditional stories that contained information that held keys to her past. Very subtle watching and listening to her symbolic body cues held information that helped Jane be seen, and make sense of some of her feelings.

This was particularly around the death of her mother when she was a child, and her feelings of security and safety whilst living in another country. When Jane began to become aware of some of her unresolved longings (even when they could not necessarily be fixed) her symptoms began to resolve and her understanding and compassion for herself increased.

The knock on effect of this meant that she became more aware of needing others in her life, and she became very interested in movement therapy and followed up with some more training in this area.