Bodymindfulness, physiology and self-regulation

The BodyMindfulness way to wellbeing in body and mind:

Medically unexplained symptoms

Our body and mind are one

How to become empowered by your body's natural wisdom


How can we help you sort the suffering of chronic pain?

The interconnection between our minds and bodies and how understanding this

Trauma and the body

Working with the sensory motor experience to reduce bodily distress for people with unexplained symptoms

You are your body

I have just read your blogs on the website and have found them really helpful. I have a much better understanding of the programme now and feel really excited about what it has to offer. I was rather ambivalent about it before because I find working in groups quite challenging and because I couldn't seem to get a handle on what the symptoms groups entailed and how it would work, but the blogs have made it really clear. I am so glad you have included them.