External Examiners - Information for Herts Staff

External Examiners' Reports

All External Examiners produce an annual report, which evaluates your modules and programmes. To access these reports, staff should log onto the Electronic Document Management System (Document Management). You need to be on the UHVPN to do this.

You can find the reports by going to: Teaching and Learning /Taught Student Assessment/ External Examiners Reports.

University staff can find Guidance on responding to  External Examiners' reports on the HertsHub CAQA site under the heading 'External Examiners' (Herts login required).

Missing Reports

If the annual report you are looking for is missing from these pages, it may be:

(a) the report has not so far been received or (b) received and in the approval process.

Any concerns or queries regarding External Examiner annual reports, please contact the Centre for Academic Quality Assurance or email the External Examiners' Administration.

Setting up and managing External Examiner contracts

Staff can find information about how to set up and amend External Examiner contracts as well as the relevant forms on the HertsHub CAQA site under the heading 'External Examiners' (Herts login required).

Becoming an External Examiner

The Centre for Academic Quality Assurance supports University staff who are interested in becoming an External Examiner. A recorded introduction to what the role entails can be found here:

Aspiring External Examiners