Award Verification

Award Verification Letters

The University of Hertfordshire offers award verification letters for awards achieved from June 1992 onwards. Please note requests for awards confirmed before 2012 will have a longer turnaround time, as they require consultation of hard-copy archives.

Third parties may not rely on statements made by non UH websites, which do not represent the views and opinion of the University (University of Hertfordshire websites will use the stem '').

Please note, an Award Verification letter is not a reference. It verifies your award only.

Information for graduates:

We can issue you with an award verification letter. An award verification letter is an official letter issued by the University which verifies: the qualification (including classification) you received; the start date; and the date it was awarded. This letter can be either:

  • Posted to you or
  • Emailed directly to an employer/third party (we cannot send it electronically to you)

If you would like a physical copy posted to you, please email with your full name, date of birth, details of the award you obtained and your postal address.

If you want the award verification letter to be emailed directly to a third party, you must first complete a GDPR form giving your permission for us to release this information. This form must be sent by you; we are unable to accept a form sent on your behalf by a third party. You must copy in the third party to this email, so that we can respond directly to them verifying your award.

Please ensure we receive both your signed GDPR Form and the employer/third party contact details in the same message otherwise your request will not be processed.


Please note, if you are a current student we cannot issue you an award verification letter. 

Information for third parties:

If you require us to verify the award details of a candidate, please ask them to complete the GDPR form above and return to us directly, copying you in to their email. We must receive this form from the candidate themselves, we cannot accept any sent on their behalf.

Please ensure we receive the signed GDPR form direct from the candidate, with your company copied in to the email, otherwise your request will not be processed.

If you require an academic/character reference, please contact the School of Study via

Please note, if the candidate is a current student we cannot issue an award verification letter.

Awards before 1992

If you received your award prior to 16 June 1992 it will have been issued by the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). If you require a replacement certificate or want to have confirmation of your award please contact the CNAA.