Lead Assessor Support Programme

Julie Cheung, Headteacher, Brownlow Fold Primary School, NAHT Lead Assessor Support Programme Case Study

The course enabled teachers to have dedicated time to focus on assessment. Taking part in this programme provided a range of benefits to our school, staff and pupils such as the opportunity for leaders and teachers to pause and reflect and to ensure that as a school we had in place efficient, valid and reliable processes to measure and record our pupils’ attainment. Improved self-evaluation and reflection time has also been beneficial in mapping out next steps for us as a school and informed future decision-making.

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Tim Sherriff, Headteacher, Westfield Community School, Wigan.

“At Westfield Community School, we see the beneficial impact of high-quality educational assessment on our pupils’ learning on a daily basis so developing expertise across our teaching staff has become a high priority. In order to achieve the level of expertise we expect of our teachers, we have invested in high quality CPD provided by the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA) The Deputy Headteacher is an accredited CIEA Chartered Educational Assessor who oversees assessment throughout the school, supported by an assessment coordinator who has recently completed the Lead Assessor Support Programme

As headteacher I have been delighted with the impact of our investment in such high quality CPD."

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Deputy Headteacher, Hannah Smith and Headteacher, David Merriman from Gaddesden Row JMI School.

David and Hannah found the course easy to access and because much of the course was undertaken in their own time, it was possible to complete the modules in addition to teaching full time. By completing the course together, Hannah and David had the opportunity to discuss the course theory, relating it to their own setting and prompting them to share their own current assessment practice and to reflect on previous practice in other settings. Subsequently, they were able to determine what had worked well for their school and identify areas for development.  David and Hannah provide a case study of their experience on the course.

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