Lead Assessor Case Study Gaddesden Row

Gaddesden Row JMI School Case Study

Gaddesden Row JMI school is a small, rural village school near Hemel Hempstead. The forty-seven pupils enrolled at the school are divided into three mixed classes. The proportion of disadvantaged pupils or pupils with SEN and/or disabilities is higher than seen nationally. Deputy Headteacher Hannah Smith qualified as a Chartered Educational Assessor in 2019. More recently, however, Hannah took part in the CIEA Primary Lead Assessor Support Programme alongside Gaddesden Row Headteacher David Merriman.

Structure of the course

David and Hannah found the course easy to access and because much of the course was undertaken in their own time, it was possible to complete the modules in addition to teaching full time. They found the discussion boards valuable in enabling them to share ideas with other leaders in schools.

Impact of the course on the participants and their school

By completing the course together, Hannah and David had the opportunity to discuss the course theory, relating it to their own setting and prompting them to share their own current assessment practice and to reflect on previous practice in other settings. Subsequently, they were able to determine what had worked well for their school and identify areas for development.

The actions below were carried out following their discussions:

  • A review of the summative assessments used for all year groups to ensure they were reliable and valid.
  • The development of practical assessment tasks for Foundation subjects. For example, during a recent art week, all children drew a piece of work, and this was moderated against the expected progression of skills.
  • A review and modification of the school’s assessment policy and moderating processes.


Hannah and David would recommend the Lead Assessor Support Programme so others can benefit from the opportunity it provides for discussion with other leaders about assessment in schools. It can be quite 'lonely' in a leadership position, so to have the opportunity to share ideas around educational assessment is very helpful