Foundations and Principles of Assessment

PadWhat is it?

It is a one-day course designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and implement good practice in educational assessment. There are courses for both primary and secondary schools.

Very useful information/thought provoking. I liked the focus on foundations of assessment and how it underpins everything we should be doing. I also found the practical tasks very helpful.

- Course delegate 2017

Overall aims

To develop your knowledge, understanding and skills so as to be able to ensure good and robust practice in educational assessment in your school.


You will be able to:

  • clarify the meaning of ‘assessment’
  • list and describe some of the main purposes and types of assessment
  • identify the purposes of assessment in your school
  • describe the key principles of assessment
  • relate the principles of assessment to the idea of educational standards
  • use the principles of assessment to construct tasks and tests in your own context
  • relate marking and feedback to assessment
  • review the ways the whole assessment system in your school fits together and assessment information in your school is communicated to others…and be in a better position to improve them.

Really good to have time to reflect and ‘action’ plan. Good use of specific examples and modelling of good practice. Time for discussions was well managed – these were thought provoking.

- Course delegate 2017

Upcoming courses

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