Clearing 2023

Clearing is a second application process, where applicants who don’t hold an offer (or have changed their mind on their course or university) have the chance to find a course and a university place that’s right for them.

It runs from 5 July to mid-October with a peak following A Level Results Day on Thursday 17 August 2023.

Our audience includes:

  • Applicants who have applied after 30 June
  • Applicants who do not hold any offers from universities or colleges they’ve applied to (or they don't want to accept)
  • Applicants whose place is not confirmed after exam results are published
  • Applicants who didn’t meet the conditions of their offers
Live dates

5 July – October



WebsiteClearing at Herts

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Guidance copy

For flexibility of messaging, the below copy is for guidance only. You are encouraged to tweak the messaging as per your audience and the platform it’s being posted on. We only ask that you consider the messages on the Clearing website.

Message 1

🔑 Clearing is your chance to secure a spot at Herts this September! Whether you've had a change of heart, your grades surprised you, or you've been waiting for this moment, seize the opportunity to join a career-focused university.

#Clearing2023 #HertsClearing

Message 2

📢 Don't miss out on our exclusive Clearing content! Sign up now to access valuable tips and info, plus a chance to have your first-year society membership fee covered upon enrolment!

#Clearing2023 #HertsClearing

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