Grassland and lake

Rough Hills grassland

A series of grassland areas, approximately 2 hectares in size, are surrounded by scrub and are managed by an annual mowing regime. They had previously been grazed, and in the 1950s and 1960s some parts were used for horticultural trials.
They are broadly neutral grasslands and normally support large butterfly populations in mid-summer.


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The Lake was created in 1772 and is approximately 0.8ha of fairly open water, with four small islands. The only inputs are from a small stream to the south and a spring to the east and from surface runoff. The depth fluctuates considerably over the seasons, with a maximum of about 3.5m. The fish population is monitored annually (publications below), and surveys of the plants and invertebrates have been carried out over the years. Surrounding specimen trees, mainly non-native, were planted in the mid 19th-century.


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