Video guidelines

Video is becoming as ubiquitous as still photography used to be, and is increasingly being used as an extension to teaching or as an aid to learning as well as a method for sharing events, seminars and demonstrations.

This is something that the University wishes very much to encourage, and these guidelines will help you create footage that is of standard and reflects the University’s corporate marketing identity and communications.

Types of video

Video material made available publicly should be branded properly so its provenance is clear, and should have permissions from participants and contributors documented.

There are a few simple rules to follow in order to streamline and simplify the process for creating an across the board University identity. The result is a unified image that can easily be associated with the University of Hertfordshire and easily identified by external audiences.

The types of videos that these guidelines are intended for are:

  • Seminars and lectures – recording of lectures or seminars involving external speakers for student revision purposes or for audiences that could not be present.
  • Practicals and demonstrations – recording of demonstrations or experiments to be used as supplements to face-to-face teaching
  • Tutorials – recording of course tutorials to be used for remote (distance) learning session.
  • Teaching aids and projects – recording of a student activity such as role play, or as part of a project to be used for research or feedback.
  • Marketing and promotional videos – recordings of events, ceremonies, student interviews and other similar activities that can be used for promoting the University, individual courses and Schools and University departments (i.e. alumni events, awards ceremonies, graduate interviews, open day events, etc.)


Before filming your video, please contact Community Manager Jerome Price for advice on branding, quality and hosting.