Useful resources

Below are the standard image sizes used on the external University website, all sizes are in Pixels or px:

Image useImage size
Hero image1440x432
Homepage course slider718x357
Homepage full-width story1440x432
Landing page slider1074x500
Full-width story1074x322
Landing Pod348x348
Content page image392x252
Microsite specific
Microsite logo160x35
Hero image1200x189
Landing page slider756x329
Landing Pod232x131
Content page image232x121

Matrix Manuals

The Squiz Matrix User Manual Library is a huge resource for all up-to-date manuals on how to use the Matrix CMS.

Useful areas of the manuals site includes:

  • Edit+ support and guides
  • A list of common keyword replacements
  • Release notes on upcoming versions of the CMS

Read the Matrix User Manual online.