Christmas Sale

It's time for a bargain read from UH Press. Here are some of the offers that we currently have available. There are others, if you look carefully... happy shopping!

TitleRRPSale Price
A Caring County£16.99£12.74
A Lost Frontier Revealed£18.99£15.19
A Place in the Country£12.99£9.74
A Pleasing Prospect£18.99£15.19
A Very Dangerous Locality£20£16.00
Academic Dress in the University of Hertfordshire£7.5£3.75
An Historical Atlas of Hertfordshire£25£18.75
Archaeology in Hertfordshire£20£15.00
Assembling Enclosure£14.99£11.99
Bread and Ale for the Brethren£18.99£15.19
Bricks of Victorian London£35£28.00
Cambridge and its Economic Region£18.99£15.19
Children of the Labouring Poor£14.99£11.24
Cinemas of Hertfordshire£9.99£4.99
Communities in Contrast£18.99£15.19
Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society£18.99£15.19
Dr Thomas Plume£18.99£13.29
Farmers, Consumers, Innovators£16.99£13.59
From Hellgill to Bridge End£18.95£15.16
From the Deer to the Fox£14.99£11.99
Gardens and Green Spaces in the West Midlands since 1700£16.99£13.59
Hertfordshire Garden History£16.99£12.74
Hertfordshire: A landscape History£18.99£14.24
Histories of People and Landscape£18.99£15.19
Humphry Repton£25£18.75
Land and Family£18.99£15.19
Lichfield and the Lands of St Chad£18.99£15.19
Managing for Posterity£18.99£15.19
Medieval Parks of Hertfordshire£18.99£14.24
Mentor Development for Teacher Training£9.99£7.49
Music-Making in the Hertfordshire Parish£16.99£12.74
Out of the Hay and Into the Hops£18.99£15.19
Parks in Hertfordshire Since 1500£18.99£14.24
Passing Through£16.99£12.74
Peasant Perspectives£18.99£15.19
Poor Relief and Community in Hadleigh£18.99£15.19
Princely Ambition£16.99£13.59
Prostitution in Victorian Colchester£18.99£13.29
Saving the Peoples Forest£16.99£13.59
Shaping the Past£18.99£15.19
St Albans: Life on the Home Front£18.99£14.24
Teachers Legal Rights and Responsibilities£4.99£3.74
The Birmingham Parish Workhouse£16.99£13.59
The County Community in Seventeenth Century England and Wales£14.99£11.99
The Early Years of Computer Science£14.99£11.24
The Fighting Essex Soldier£18.99£13.29
The Industrious Child Worker£16.99£13.59
The Orchards of Eastern England£16.99£13.59
The Peaceful Path£16.99£12.74
The World of the Small Farmer£18.99£15.19
Tracing your Family History in Hertfordshire£9.99£4.99
Trees in England£16.99£13.59
Tudor and Early Stuart Parks of Hertfordshire£18.99£14.24
Wearmouth and Jarrow£20£16.00
William Ellis£16.99£12.74