CIEA launches Post 16 Lead Assessor Support Programme

'Learning to lead the assessment of Post 16 teaching and learning.'

CIEA are excited to launch the new Post 16 Lead Assessor Support Programme. This ten-week modular programme has been designed for those working in a wide range of Post-16 settings (including vocational, skills-oriented and professional competency contexts, training providers and national organisations).

The programme covers key aspects of the assessment process delivered to participants through independent, online learning theory modules developed by CIEA which are accompanied by case studies and activities to support the embedding of theory into practice in the Post-16 sector, including vocational and independent training providers delivering professional competency qualifications.

This online course includes video content, links to resources, and reading suggestions which you can work through at your own pace over 8-10 weeks. You will be invited to participate in discussion threads with colleagues and dedicated Course Leaders will be on hand to support you as you work through the modules. There will be a live question and answer session each fortnight hosted by a CIEA Course Leader, who will encourage participants to share experiences and best practice, and to ask questions.

The Lead Assessor Award

Course participants can opt to complete the online flexible course or go that little bit further by submitting a short paper or presentation on how they plan to implement what they have learnt in ways that will improve assessment practice in their own context to achieve the Lead Assessor Award.

Speaking about the programme, CIEA president, Dr Mick Walker, says

Gaining a deeper understanding of educational assessment goes well beyond the measurement of educational outcomes: it provides valuable insights into course and curriculum design and the methods and practice of teaching Building assessment capacity in our schools, colleges, further education and training institutions and the workplace, and recognising such expertise through a Chartered Body, will serve to raise the status of the teaching and training professions.

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