12 August 2021

On Thursday 12th August GCSE and other Level 1 and 2 results have been published. The CIEA would like to congratulate students receiving their results today and wish them all the best in their chosen next steps.

We would also like to thank all involved in determining, submitting and awarding grades this summer for their incredibly hard work in what has been another exceptional year.

Headlines from this years’ results can be seen below:

In the UK overall:


  • have increased by 0.9% from 2020 to 5.75m
  • Spanish continues to be the GCSE subject with the largest percentage growth (+4.7% from 2020)
  • Geography is the GCSE subject with the second largest percentage growth (+4.2% from 2020); it has the largest percentage growth at A level

Overall outcomes

  • increased at 7/A and 4/C (7/A and above, and 4/C and above):
  • 7/A increased by 2.7 percentage points (pp) from 2020
  • 4/C slightly increased by 0.8pp in 2021 from 2020
  • Pass rates (1/G grade and above) declined slightly by 0.6pp from 2020

Female students performed better than male students:

  • Female students’ 7/A grades increased by 3.2pp and male students by 2.2pp
  • Female students only marginally increased at 4/C by 0.4pp compared to male students who increased by 1.3pp

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