18 May 2022

Schools and colleges across the country are looking for invigilators for this summer’s exam series, and this could be a perfect role for students this summer.

These roles are flexible, short-term (over Mid-May & June) and present a great opportunity for students to gather key skills and experience in an educational setting, whilst earning additional income and contributing to the successful delivery of exams. Students can easily find roles in their university or home city, depending on their preference, using this Invigilator Vacancy Map (developed by The Exams Office). Once a vacancy has been located on the map, the candidate can contact the centre directly to apply.

As an invigilator you will;

  • Support the running of examinations in accordance with a strict set of rules and regulations
  • Have a key role in upholding the integrity and security of the examination/assessment process
  • Be a confident and reassuring presence to candidates in exam rooms
  • Have responsibility for supporting the maintenance of accurate records, conduct risk assessments and implement contingency measures, where required
  • Acquire a range of key transferrable skills including people management, teamwork, interpersonal, communication, organisation, problem solving and decision-making, all of which are valued in future career settings
  • Earn additional income while acquiring experience working within the education sector, to assist the delivery of a summer exam series.