10 November 2022

NAHT and CIEA are working together to encourage every school to have a Lead Assessor.

Why is this important? The reasons are numerous. Not only do Lead Assessors support better outcomes for pupils and schools through improved teaching and learning, but the Lead Assessor Support Programme also helps develop a highly skilled workforce with expertise in educational assessment.

Further information about the Lead Assessor Award and the Lead Assessor Support Programme can be found on the NAHT Hub, including:

  • An article about why NAHT is working with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA) to encourage every school to have a lead assessor
  • A case study by Tim Sherriff, CIEA Vice-chair and former Headteacher at Westfield Community School,Wigan
  • An article entitled ‘A Lead Assessor in every school – what is it and why should I be interested?’
  • A case study by Headteacher David Merriman and Deputy Headteacher, Hannah Smith, from Gaddesden Row JMI School who completed the course together

In addition, in NAHT's recent podcast ' Leading on Assessment', Amanda Hulme, Headteacher at Claypool Primary School, Chair of the Assessment and Accountability Group and NAHT National Executive Member explains why NAHT are encouraging this policy change. The podcast also includes input from past course delegates who have completed the Lead Assessor Support Programme.

Listen to the podcast here.

Find out more about the CIEA Lead Assessor Support Programme here