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Teachers Find CIEA Training ‘Helpful’ and ‘Informative’

Published:11/05/2021, 2:00pm

Following the Education Minister’s decision on 6 January 2021 to cancel all GCCE, AS and A Level 2021 summer examinations, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) were commissioned by the Department of Education to provide further guidance, support and training for teachers, in the development of new awarding arrangements.

Over a five-week period from February to March 2021, CCEA partnered with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (*CIEA) to deliver an online programme to help schools and colleges to develop a broader understanding of key aspects of assessment.

Approximately 700 education professionals completed the CIEA training and covered topics such as:

  • The validity chain (including construct relevance & authenticity, manageability, fairness, bias, comparability, reliability)
  • Setting and applying standards and moderation
  • Using data
  • The 2021 awarding process

A survey carried out by CIEA on conclusion of the training found the ‘overwhelming majority’ felt considerably more confident at the end of the programme than they did at the start.

Further feedback included:

"I thought the programme achieved a lot in the short number of weeks. It was concise and to the point, no time was wasted…

It gave me an opportunity to reflect on both my practice in school and as an experienced examiner in addition to the preparation required to prepare CDG."

"As Head of Centre it gave me clarity around how to structure the Quality Assurance Process and how to guide others in my school."

"The programme provided a great deal of helpful information, particularly about assessment and moderation."

"The course was informative, and we were able to cascade knowledge to colleagues back in school."

Further support and guidance for teachers on alternative awarding arrangements for summer 2021 can be located on CCEA’s dedicated online area

*The CIEA was set up to improve standards in educational assessment. They are a professional membership organisation that includes teachers, examiners, school and college leaders, academics, awarding organisations and people responsible for professional development in diverse sectors.

Teachers Find CIEA Training ‘Helpful’ and ‘Informative’ | CCEA