Friends of Bayfordbury rules and regulations

  • Walking Members must carry their up to date membership card and be prepared to show it to security or other staff members when approached
  • All users must keep to designated footpaths as shown on the map
  • All users must observe any safety notices
  • No access to buildings, observatories or greenhouses is permitted
  • No vehicles including bicycles are permitted
  • No fishing in the Lake or in the brooks permitted
  • Horses are not permitted
  • Walking of dogs is permitted provided that dogs are kept on a lead and under control and fouling is cleared
  • No camping, lighting of fires, picnicking, ball games or other types of games or flying of model airplanes is permitted unless part of a University organised event
  • No fire arms or any other weapons are permitted
  • Excessive noise or other behaviour which may cause a nuisance to the University or its neighbours is not permitted
  • Threatening or aggressive behaviour is not permitted
  • Consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted
  • Littering is not permitted.

Failure to adhere to these regulations will result in revocation of membership.

The University reserves the right to remove or limit any access rights either temporarily or permanently at its discretion.

Friends of Bayfordbury do not have the right to invite others or to make representations on behalf of the University of Hertfordshire.